Understand Health And Social Care Settings Policies And Procedures Essay

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Know and understand the settings policies and procedures- Any person working within childcare should have a clear understanding of their settings policies and procedures knowing all the rules and how to follow them appropriately so they know exactly who to turn to in any given situation. Child makes an allegation of abuse to you- Ensure you make no promises to the child (if they ask you not to tell anyone or to keep it a secret) and that you will do everything possible to help them and their situation. Reassure them and let them feel safe and that they have done the right thing. Record everything that the child has declared with dates, times and sign it. Ensure it goes to the appropriate person and is strictly confidential to others. Report to the manager immediately …show more content…

A CAF Form would be made if Social Care took over the case- A Common Assessment Framework Form would be written by my manager, and given to Social Care. This would give Social Care a clear overview of the child or young person. Team staff meeting- An update from the manager would be made to all staff that were involved in the case as to what the following steps were to be to best meet the child’s needs and to keep them safe and what has happened so far and how to best support the child in the setting. Child would be put on the Child Protection Register- The child would be on a protection plan which is then reviewed every 6 months to see if there is progress and what the next steps should be. Support should be offered to both the child and the parent/carers from support workers. Provide continuous care and support for the child whilst within the setting- Ensure you give plenty of care and support and keep the routine of their day-to-day at nursery sequenced with what they know to avoid any added set back’s in their

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