Reflective Essay: My Weakest Point In English Class

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As a student, there are times that I face challenges or problems. All these challenges become an experience in my life in which I strive to learn from as a student. Writing in an English class has to be a daily conflict that I face. Though writing may be my weakest point in school, it makes me someone who is determined to be the best in. Having writing as my weakest point makes my room for improvement greater and more achievable. Experiences and challenges allow myself to feel more determined in achieving the same level of success in writing as in other subjects.

I have had many writing experiences in the past years, especially at this school alone. The best writing that I remember producing was last semester in my Humanities class. We were supposed to write a compare and contrast essay on the movie The Shawshank Redemption and the book Just Mercy. Because the topic was …show more content…

One of the biggest challenges I face when writing are distractions. I am not easily distracted when it comes to other things such as sports or work, but when it comes to the least thing that I like to do like writing, I am easily distracted. Also, as I write, I tend o look around while I type and not be fully focused. When I look around, I also begin to see the different things that people are doing. Another challenge that I face while I write is my phone. I am working on my temptation of picking up my phone while I write but I still have a slight problem with it. As I write, messages come through my phone and I used to always pick up my phone and respond to them. Now, I just need to fix the temptation of looking over to see who messaged me but not to respond …show more content…

My goal for this class include making a good grade on the final exam based on the things that I have learned in this class. I also have a goal of improving my knowledge on

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