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After reviewing my Future Me letter, it was encouraging to see how much I grew in general. From my work in essays and responses and how I felt mentally from where I was when I wrote this letter. I have felt a growth in these past few months. I came into the semester unsure of my critical thinking and unable to get deeper into the subject feeling like I hit a wall with my chisel that is dull and unable to chip away the wall. After the feedback from Cynthia for my responses and essays, I have more confidence in skills as I convinced myself that I was a better storyteller than an essay writer. I may still believe that, but I don’t believe I am as bad as I thought I was with my essay writing and that I am capable to write a good essay. I have been …show more content…

I felt myself grow in my personal life. I feel happy with life. I got to experience fun moments with my significant other such as the excitement for my unexpected good essay grades or discuss the topics that were brought up in this class. I am eager to explore more into my major. I am glad that I have learned some skills for my essay, but these skills can also clean up my story telling as well. I have grown to want to flourish in my beginning and increasing skills. My past self from August was sweet to be hope that I would feel better as when I wrote the letter, I was in a struggling place of self-worth. Past Brooke, I sure am okay! I am in a good place in my life, and I hope I will only escalate. I have been smiling and optimistic that I can do more than I have believed I could. I surprised myself of what I could do. I was holding myself back on the possibilities of doing the best I could do because all I believed was I could not do it like the other person. Cynthia, it has been a great experience in your class. I am an English major and I got to understand more of what can be used in a convincing argument paper in your

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