Personal Narrative: Personal Reflection

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Throughout the duration of this class, I have been highly reflective on my work, but have failed to take into consideration past mistakes when developing new assignments. From the Personal Narrative Essay to the Destination Essay, common errors have take place amongst them all. Specifically, I have struggled to make the syntax of my essays less confusing and allow my explanations to be more detailed, but have always been successful in sharing interesting ideas with the audience. The first way that I have struggled to become more flexible and self-aware is by the lack of using correct syntax. Within almost every essay written during first semester, I came across multiple comments made by you that reflect my difficulty creating sentences…show more content…
From the start of the semester, I have found myself not meeting standards because of my difficulty being able to explain myself correctly. In one of the first formatives we were assessed on, The JFK Inaugural Speech, my use of quotations were effective, but the sentences that followed were opposite of that. While analyzing the comments made by you stating that the explanation needs to be more “specific” and “have a greater focus on analysis,” I made it my task to improve on what was keeping me from earning a better grade. When looking at my Destination Essay, the focus seems like I’m “playing with multiple ideas,” but I don’t necessarily have one perfect idea. By missing out on fixing these mistakes and seeking help from you, I continued to demonstrate this lack of explanation in multiple other essays and formatives. If I had seeked guidance from you as a teacher, I could’ve brought my grade up to an A--but more importantly, could have become more flexible as a writer. When I continue making the same mistakes over and over again, it can be easy to stay the same when help is not reached. Because of this, I have made it my goal to become more self-aware as a student in the future, so something like this does not happen again. As for the place that I am at now in terms of self-awareness, I feel that my writing will be greatly…show more content…
From the start, you have commented on my text stating that it “challenges the reader,” and that “you love [my] sentence style”. The feedback that you provided on my Personal Essay stayed intact throughout the semester, and was even more available in my Destination Essay. I had “interesting ideas” and “big moments” for the audience, according to you. Based on these comments, my self-awareness regarding my voice improved greatly in each assignment. I grew as a writer in the sense that I provided riveting topics and ideas for the reader each and every time; I felt that I engaged the audience well because I was able to switch up the mood occasionally. Regarding the extent to which I became flexible through my voice, I believe that this part of my writing remained static throughout. Although my voice isn't degrading to the entirety of the essay, it stayed the same in terms of performance. For the future, my hope is to bring more curiosity to the reader in terms of the topics I discuss, and the way I go about discussing them. It is essential that I include multiple tone switches during the dialogue in my essays, so I do not lose interest from the audience. Using everything that we have learned in this class--like creating a mood and having an engaging voice--it is my goal to become more self-aware
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