Susan B Anthony Women's Right To Vote Essay

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Women's Voting Rights A woman voter, Susan B. Anthony, in her speech, Woman’s Right to Vote (1873), says that women should be allowed to vote. She supports this claim first by explaining that the preamble of the Federal Constitution states that she did not commit a crime, then she goes on about how women should be able to vote, then about how everyone hates the africans, and finally that the people of the United States should let women and africans vote. Anthony’s purpose is to make women able to vote in order to give women the right to vote on decisions made by the people. She creates a serious tone for the people of the United States. The author of this speech is talking to many different people. But the main people she is talking to are her fellow woman species of people. She is trying to make the woman able to vote. She also speaks to the africans …show more content…

Actually, this whole speech is ethos. The speech is about getting people to believe that women have the right to vote. And the definition of ethos is convincing someone of the character or credibility of the persuader. This speech is about convincing the people of the United States to refer to the written laws of the country. And then telling the people about how sorry they were for treating women like they were slaves. How they couldn’t vote and how they didn’t have the rights that white men had. But throughout the whole speech, she is trying to convince people to start a big ordeal on how white men are not the only ones able to vote. In conclusion, the author is speaking to her fellow women and the to the wrong white men of the United States. Her purpose of making this speech is that woman have just as much right to vote as white men do. The attitude toward the subject is very serious, and the attitude towards the listeners is also very serious. And Last, that the essay is pretty much an essay of ethos considering how much there is in the

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