Personal Narrative: Total Failure

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For this essay I would like to talk about the time I felt like a total failure and overcame it. It was first semester, 4th periods Honors English 3. I had heard a lot about Mr.Smith before even beginning the class. How much of a pain he could be, how rude he was and how he would always be sarcastic with his students. After hearing this I was terrified and didn`t know what I was getting myself into coming into it. As weeks and weeks went by , essays upon essays, and books upon books began to pile on me , I was so overwhelmed ! In the class , he would act as if we were below the level we were supposed to be and acted like we were never going to pass his class. After struggling so much with the essays , I felt so discouraged and like a total failure. …show more content…

Each semester would seem so much harder than the last, and I just began to believe I would be taking this class again next year. The last semester things seemed to be coming around for me finally. I had finally made a B on my essay, my grade had went from a D to a C and I was jumping with joy! As the exams began to draw near , Mr.Smith seemed happier for some reason. No one knew the exact reason , we just thought it was because he didn`t have to deal with us anymore. Exam day was finally here, and lord knows I was beyond skittish! Days went by after the exam and I had known it wasn 't going to be the best, but I had at least given it my all. Scores finally arrived and I was beyond amazed ! I had made a 91 on my English exam !! I thought to myself , Janel you did it ! You really passed Mr.Smiths class! After looking back on the class I realized that without Mr.Smith being hard on me and giving me good criticism , I would not be the student I am today. He helped me realize that things will never be easy in life, but you should never give in. Always keep pushing, and for that I thank him

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