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Hello Brent, it is the end of your first semester in your sophomore year, and I am writing this to you because you have successfully gotten an “A” in religion 101. You have accomplished a lot this semester and have been through a lot, but you have also rightfully deserved this “A”. You have followed helpful tips from the article “Learning” written by Robert Leamnson. You have also followed the guidelines from your syllabus and have asked for help from Dr. Zwissler and classmates. First I would like to talk to you about how you used the tips given to you by Robert Leamnson. You took his advice by “trying to learn more than the teacher demands” and this has helped you immensely. By trying to learn more then what the teacher tells you, you were able to learn more things about religion and cultures then most of the kids in class. In doing this you were able to get higher test scores because of more background knowledge. You also learned more helpful tips from Leamnson like when he said, “attitude will influence how you react to assigned work”. In…show more content…
When you were back in your dorm writing papers and doing assignments you would always use your syllabus to help you along the way. This helped you understand what was expected from you and helped you achieve you’re “A” in the class. The syllabus mainly helped you understand how not to plagiarize and you used that for every assignment, just to be safe. Brent, I am very happy you got this “A” in the class. You deserved it after all the hard work you put in and the dedication to your essays. I am glad that you remembered all the helpful tips from Robert Leamnson and asked for help when you needed it. Also, I am proud that you stayed focused and tried your hardest to stay positive on those days that you just didn’t feel like doing anything. Congratulating’s man, you deserved this

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