Peer Mentor Reflection

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The overall semester definitely had its up’s and downs . As a Peer Mentor I have learned to appreciate my hardwork much more and also learned that speaking up a lot is key to key action to many things. One of my goals for the semester as a Peer Mentor was to get to know my peer mentees on a friendship level or maybe as acquaintances. That goal actually came true in a way because I only made three acquaintances only. Another goal I had throughout the semester was to go outside of my comfort zone a little, I really didn 't like to talk in front of the class. However, as a Peer Mentor I had to do that more than twice which really develop outside of my comfort zone. Sgo that growth in getting out of my comfort zone was amazing and helped me …show more content…

What definetly did not work was sending out emails to my peer mentors, that really turned out bad. I would send out emails to my mentees asking for their opinion on activities for us to do, and also to remind them of the planned activities. So realizing that emails did not work at all, I decided to do announcements at the beginning of class. However, that as well did not work out very well, I knew this due to the fact that no one came to any of my Peer Mentor activities. The only activity that worked out was the one that dealt with registration outside of my presentation in class. Which involved them asking for help after my presentation, so that really was the only success. So I guess I can say that having and planning out these events did not work out for me very well. What worked for me this semester was the in class discussions because I was able to interact with the opinions and I was able to share my opinions. These discussions also made me feel that I was apart of the class and not just an empty voice in the front of the class. What also worked for me was having an interactive and good standing with Mr.Hall because he tried his best to integrate me into the class. Which was very helpful because it kept me busy, attentive and also not just sitting

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