Reflective Essay: What I Learned In The Health Academy

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Reflective Essay This year I have learned many interesting and new things about myself. I have learned very valuable studying techniques and life lessons. I've only been here two years but in that short time many things have happened. The health academy has helped me learn how to have better communications and critical thinking skills. Since I want to be an Orthodontist the health academy will prepare me for medical school in the future. I feel like I have excelled and persevered. I have learned many things this school including how it is a terrible habit to procrastinate. Now I know what are some of my strengths and weaknesses. Being a part of the health academy has increased my communications skills and taught me how to balance out sports, work and school. My hardest classes this year where chemistry and math but I made time after school so that the teachers would go over it again until …show more content…

Academically and socially, you go through so many different feelings and experience. Many people describe school as stressful. These past two years of my high school experience have shaped the person I am today. This year especially has affected me vastly in all areas of my life. School has driven me to be more ambitious and more conscious of my actions and experiences. So far high school has taught me the basic knowledge that I will need in life like how to solve problems which do not have straightforward or easy answers, and how to work effectively either with others or alone. In most of my classes critical thinking and analysing is the way to solve problems. I have learned to appreciate the importance of communication through effective speech and debate. High school has taught me many skills that will be helpful later in my career of work ethics, social behavior between peers and leadership. However, the thing I benefited from the most in high school is collaborative working. Through various team projects I have learned how to work effectively with

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