Reflective Essay On Health And Social Care

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During my placement at The George Hull Centre, I would invest time to improve my knowledge for my learning goal of health promoting positive discipline. Positive discipline is a topic that has not been discussed yet in the nursing program. This is a very important topic to discuss as discipline effects a child’s mental well-being. As well, it is essential to understand this topic as it impacts the social determinant of health, healthy child development. During the creation of my presentation, I would seek feedback from my preceptor in a timely manner to determine whether I needed to change any terminology or include any additional information. As well, I would seek feedback from other early childhood educators and the manager on whether my …show more content…

This acts as a form of Access and Equity, as I enable families to learn about events that they can attend to spend quality time together. Thus, I am promoting the social determinant of health known as social support. It is critical for a community health nurse to uphold this determinant by providing caregivers with family oriented resources and services. As well, during my clinical placement, I spent time researching to learn more about the flu. By having knowledge about the symptoms of the flu and the importance of the flu vaccine, I was able to health promote to families. For the days I was not at placement, I made posters which provided parents with information about the flu shot, its importance, and locations to receive the vaccine.

Additionally, when I was at my clinical placement, I spent time creating posters about when to not bring your child into the Early Years Centre. For instance, if one’s child has a runny nose with green mucus, diarrhea, or red spots on their skin, it is important for parents to keep their children at home. This acts as a form of health prevention for other children, parents, and staff at the Centre from getting

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