Reflective Essay: What I Ve Learned In College

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One of the few things I 've learned when in college is that you put time into the things that you love. You can overload yourself to create a stellar resume but if you are doing 20 things, how much time are you really spending with each task? I learned that the hard way entering my sophomore year where I was crushed trying to balance my school work, home life, and extra curriculars. However, once I started putting time dedicated time in what I found important I became happier and found myself being able to put more into activities such as QTHON. I fell love with QTHON my freshmen year, and I knew after they raised those numbers that night that I was going to be something I was going to do. I was going to be one of those people in a polo …show more content…

I truly never have noticed it until it was pointed out a few times or so. I think that this is something I can work on and begin to recognize this trait. I do not always have to be very type-a with activities and learn to find the moments when it’s okay to relax a bit. I think has been the biggest learning experience for me because it was something I was able to recognize myself. Learning this will help me work better with others in the future and figure out to approach different situations.
What role do you think the Co-Executive Director plays on the management team? How do you feel that you would fit into this role? Please provide examples.
The co-executive directors play a very vital role in delegation and helping others find their in roles on the team. I think upon entering the position everyone is very uneasy or not expecting the role that their position will entail. Your dreams about something can be very different from its reality and I think that was something all of us had to play around with a little bit before we found our stride. I think the co-executive directors help find our

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