Narrative Essay About Ditching

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Most people would say that ditching altogether is a bad practice. It tends to ruin relationships, limit a person’s learning, and close many opportunities. There have been many times where I have heard of people ditching to go smoke at the skate park, or go out to lunch rather than being in class like they should be. Contrary to popular belief; I am not in fact perfect. I, too, am guilty of skipping class. I even skipped a whole day of school to buy a prom dress. There was one time, however, that ditching actually gave me something I thought I would never find. It was in my sophomore year during my fourth period math class. I would walk into class every day, and instantly be hit with the unbearable heat caused by stuffing thirty sweaty teenagers into a class room with no windows or air-conditioning. …show more content…

There I found tons of kids that weren’t in class and they all were watching each other… speak. Some were even talking to walls. I saw my friend, Naomi, and went up to her and asked what was going on. She responded that all the weird kids talking to walls were in Debate. For the next month, Debate became my haven from the heat and annoying people in math. I learned how to construct a logical argument, how to write an impassioned speech, and how to hold myself with confidence. This is where I met my good friends Zac, Sydney, and Tiarrah. I felt like I had found my place. I eventually switched into Debate and a new math class, and stopped cutting class. Since my sophomore year, I have made many more friends, learned how to write a killer 5 paragraph essay, and am now Historian in the Debate Council with many more opportunities coming. In Debate, I have found the value of making lasting relationships and having a passion for something. Debate has given me something that I never thought I would find: the courage to speak and voice who I am. Even if ditching isn’t the best pastime, I’ll skip out on staying silent from now

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