Narrative Essay About Broken Heart

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Broken heart hurts your feeling. Nobody associates broken heart with happiness. Likewise, I felt terribly sad when I had my heart broken. I remember it felt so disastrous for me that I almost couldn 't do anything for one month. However, as time passed by, I began to think about what lesson I could learn from it. It is no use crying over spilt milk, but if you don 't even try to avoid spilling milk from next time, it is more meaningless. It was not a pleasant process, but actually I found that I gained something through thinking deeply. I remember that one of the most potent reason I couldn 't get along well with her was that I wasn 't even able to talk to her very much. It was partly because I was too shy to talk to a girl, but another reason I found was that I had too little to talk with her. Her interest was mainly in music and TV programs, and mine in studying and sports only. I hardly listened to any music or watch any TV shows, so it was hard for me to come up with something to talk with her. Of course, there were things I could talk about other than her interest, but due to my lack of experience of talking to girls, I couldn 't do it. Therefore, it was difficult for me to even talk to her! However, thinking carefully, I realized that I have few topics to talk not only with her, but also with my friends. After following a few steps of thinking, I realized that this was partly due to my cultural backgrounds. The process of thinking I went through is as follows. I

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