The Importance Of Study Hall

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Krystal Lyons
Mrs. Lyons
English Honors IV
2 October 2017
Should high Study Halls, necessary or nonessential? From demanding school schedules to overbearing parents, study halls may be a gateway to better grades, and more focused confident students. Surrounded by their peers, study halls would push students to work harder and accomplish their long-term goals. Study halls may be time consuming and non-essential for some students that may need an extra credit, or more time with a teacher. In some cases, a study hall may also cause disruptions in classes and off task students. It may also lead to less accomplished and more “free time” for students. Study halls are non-essential to Students in high school. It is time consuming and is an excuse …show more content…

Having a study hall may be an excuse for them to slack off and not do anything within in this class period or the time given to them to study. “Observations confirmed that students used study hall time to gain permission to leave school (which, when granted, usually meant they were late for the following period), to use technology (either in the library or on their own smartphones), or to disrupt other classes.” Study halls may cause class disruptions and effect other students learning habits. Having multiple children in one class while they are working on different subjects or topics may cause Chaos and inorganization. “…challenging because students are usually noisy and disturb other students and classes.” (Alzakari, Ziad Y. “High School Seniors and Effective Use of Study Hall Time” ASCD, 1 August 2013) Taking advantage of Study halls in a negative way is also a concern. Some schools allow students to leave depending on their grade levels during study halls. Students who are not allowed to leave may feel like this is unfair and will skip their study halls to go do whatever they want to. “Despite the benefits of study halls, students who cannot leave campus may choose to skip study hall and leave school. Those who skip study halls can get marked with "cut" on the attendance sheet, or reprimanded a step further with after-school detention, if caught” (Sisodiya Amisha “Making the most of study hall” ctpost, 23 February

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