Characteristics Of A Bad Teacher

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Djimon Bailey 2/13/2018 English ii Honors Mr. Griffin Bad Teacher Essay There’s no doubt that a bad teacher can make school such a frustrating, embarrassing and bad experience, such student won’t learn much. Bad teachers often don’t have organization skills, class management, and professionalism. Teachers like these make high school difficult. This paper discusses traits of bad teachers, and the study habits they fail to create, in their students. Firstly, a bad teacher is someone who comes into class, and reads from his/her notes, and gives one a problem to work on for an hour with no input from the teacher at all. Bad teachers don’t have class management making it easy to clown around and not pay attention. They are then forced to try to control the class which they are unable to do without disciplinary actions, making it way harder to teach. Class management is important because teachers will have more teaching time and it’s a time for relationship building. Stopping behavioral interruptions will allow more time to teach. Class management will also create a positive learning environment where students can state their own opinions without others bashing them for it. Secondly, bad teachers have bad people skills. Good communication is essential in a learning environment in order to progress as a student. A bad teacher rarely communicates or not even acknowledge other teachers, students, administrators, parents, and staff members. Having poor people skills

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