Why College Is Important

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The Importance of College Many people wonder what they want to do after high school graduation. There are many options to go with such as, military, college, or even taking a break for a little bit. Out of all of these though, going to college would be one of the best ideas because it can help a person a lot in their life. College is also a great opportunity to help get the things someone needs in their life. A college education is valuable because one can have better wealth, a better education, and can give one a healthier lifestyle. To begin with, if one attends college and graduates, they can become wealthier over time. In a video called “Five Ways Ed Pays” they stated, “You can make 22k ($22,000) a year” (“Five Ways Ed Pays”). Also, …show more content…

During Barack Obama’s speech towards Wakefield High School, he talked about how important education is and he tried encouraging students not to dropout and graduate high school and college. He specifically stated “And no matter what you want to do with your life, I guarantee that Patricio 2 you’ll need an education to do it” (Obama 67-71). Going back to the article before, they talked about how education can help benefit wealth in one’s life. They stated, “As workers’ level of education increases, their earnings rise and unemployment rates fall” (“New School Year, Old Story”). This tells us that education is very important to a person’s life and that you can’t go anywhere without some level of education. My final reason why college is important to one’s life is, attending college can help you have a much healthier lifestyle. A man named Vivek Wadhwa stated “By partying, students learn social skills.” (Wadhwa). “Five Ways Ed Pays” also said, “You’re less likely to obese” and “You’ll exercise more vigorously”. To wrap this part up, college is a good opportunity to build up one’s social skills and can provide a healthier

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