Strategies To Be Successful In High School

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High school can be a ton of fun getting to see old friends and making new ones. In addition to relationships in high school you also have the opportunity to participate in activities like sports and clubs. The time you spend in high school can potentially be the best be some of the best moments of your life, but it is important to remember why you are in school.
It is paramount that all people attend high school because it teaches you valuable life lessons as well as gives you about knowledge that you will later utilize in life. Even if you do not plan on going to a college or university you can still apply the things you learn to your life. When an employer sees that you can write well it shows that you are educated and professional. When an employer sees that you have these features it shows the you are dependable self-reliant. …show more content…

While this might come naturally to some people it is very difficult to do this task. I personally struggled doing this seemingly simple thing that determines whether you do or do not learn something that day. Day after day I struggled with being able to concentrate, but it wasn 't until I started caring and being interested in school that i started being more successful in school. It is crucial that you do these things otherwise you might as well have been absent and not wasting the time of others and yourself.
Time management and goal setting are two skills that you are going to have to improve. If doing everything last minute or not doing it at all is inevitably not working for you then you are going to need learn to fulfill these tasks. One way I started doing work was setting a goal and once I accomplish it I allow myself a break. This works just like when you are doing a physical activity because you don 't want to over-work yourself. Giving yourself too much rest time can affect you negatively too so it is important to know when you have had

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