Ronald Reagan Leadership

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Ronald Reagan once said, "In the end, it all comes down to leadership." Since I was raised by a single mom, I learned independence early on in my life. This independence led to my ambition, confidence, people skills, and need to help others; these are all vital qualities of a leader. Just like every life-long skill, leadership is taught through experience. August 15, 2014: I got a call from a mother who had seen my babysitting ad at the local market. She urgently needed someone to start watching her twin, three-year-old boys four times a week. My initial thought was, "Can I take care of two toddlers by myself?" The only reason I wanted a job was to help my mom pay the bills. Eventually, I learned that I love spending time with them. Four times a week I bathe them, play with them, take them to the park, make food for them, and put them to bed. After taking care of Maxi and Milo for over a year, I learned how to solve conflicts, be a positive role model, take responsibility, and be an active listener.

March 15th 2014: This was my second time working backstage during a high school production. However, this was only my first time working as Stage Manager. As I adjusted my head set, I hear a voice in my ear say, "Lights are coming on in two minutes." After I made sure all the actors …show more content…

After being chosen as the President of National Honor Society, the most active club at my school, one of my duties was inducting the new members each year. I remember the butterflies in my stomach as I looked out at all the NHS members and their parents sitting in the huge auditorium. My principal and head of school were both keenly listening to me speak as I prayed not to stutter on any words. However, with every word that left my mouth, I felt my level of confidence rising. After finishing off strong and hearing the roar of applause, I realized that effective public speaking is a vital leadership skill that I definitely

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