Ronald Reagan Accomplishments

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Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest presidents of the United States. He will be remembered for his determination against communism and for initiating reforms that took the country from an agonizing economic situation that served as an example for other countries in different parts of the world. "Riding a wave of dissatisfaction with the country´s economic problems and apparently diminished strength in world affairs" (Foner "Voices of Freedom", 321) he was the president who made people proud to be Americans and gave them confidence after severe crisis in the last decade. Reagan was a great communicator, honest, friendly and with a great sense of humor.
Ronald Reagan, as president of the United States, had the greatest responsibility and most of the difficulties in changing the attitude of the American political class against the Soviet Union. His foreign policy was marked by anti-communism. He had hits and misses, but firmly held a …show more content…

Reagan stood firm because he was sure of the outcome; Reagan believed that the faltering Soviet economy persisted by high prices of oil exportation, gold and other commodities. Therefore, to end with inflation was not only vital to the health of the US economy, but also necessary to defeat communism. The economic achievements were the most important in the presidency of Ronald Reagan. When he assumed the presidential position, the US economy suffered from many problems, including slow growth, high inflation, rising unemployment and higher interest rates than ever before. Economists thought it would take decades to fix many problems and that the political cost of doing so was impossible for a democracy. However, before handing the presidency in 1988, Reagan was able to reverse all the problems he inherited, putting the US in the way of a strong economy without

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