Margaret Thatcher's Heartfelt Eulogy To Ronald Reagan

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Margaret Thatcher’s heartfelt eulogy to Ronald Reagan uses repetition along with cause and effect in order to emphasize the positive impact Reagan left on our nation due to his positive attributes and accomplishments. Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of the United Kingdom, highlighted all of Reagan's outstanding achievements that were thought of as impossible by using a cause and effect writing style. She communicates how Reagan’s kindred spirit surpassed all expectations by saying “Others hoped at best for an uneasy cohabitation with the Soviet Union. He won the Cold War, not only without firing a shot, but also by inviting enemies out of their fortress and turning them into friends.” Thatcher mentions this to show Americans that not every problem needs to be solved with violence and disagreements, but with talking and friendly consensus. …show more content…

He transformed a stagnant economy into an engine of opportunity.” The economy was struggling during Reagan's time of presidency. In 1989, the U.S. economy was the worst it had been for 3 ½ years with an annual growth rate of 0.5% for the fourth quarter. Reagan immediately acted on this when he was placed in office by slowing down government spending, reducing the federal income tax, and many more other actions that would give the economy a boost in the right direction. Thatcher brought this up in order to show Reagan's powerful initiative during times of drought whether it be economic, or any other form of dry spell that may affect his

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