Rhetorical Analysis Of Margaret Thatcher's Eulogy

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In an eulogy to former President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of Great Britain, addresses a speech in honor of Reagan. Throughout the eulogy, Thatcher informs Americans all of the amazing work Reagan did during his presidency and how he is a great person. Using examples of the work Reagan did, Thatcher states acknowledges those ideas in order to keep his legacy alive. Thatcher opens and closes her eulogy by directly addresses it to the American citizens in a warm and proud tone. Thatcher opens her eulogy by off by using pathos. Addressing how America lost a president and a man, it is making citizens feel sorrow. “We have lost a great president, a great American, and a great man, and I have …show more content…

She starts off by saying that she was a dear friend of President Reagan. “.....and I have lost a dear friend” ( Line 2). By starting off this way, the American citizens have a reason to trust everything that Thatcher will say. Thatcher first calls Regan as “Ronald” and then she later calls him “Ronnie”. “Ronnie himself certainly believed that he that had been given back his life for a purpose” (Lines 23-25). Thatcher calling Reagan by a nickname is an example that they were good friends. Also, saying that she is a dear friend of Reagan’s will give her more credibility. Thatcher next mentions that she is a Prime Minister and that she worked side by side with Reagan for eight years. “As Prime Minister, I worked closely with Ronald Reagan for eight of the most important years of our lives. We talked regularly, both before and after his presidency, and I’ve had time and cause to reflect on what made him a great president” (Lines 54-58). Informing Americans that she worked with Reagan for eight years lets the citizens know that Thatcher and Reagan could have possibly knew a lot about each other. Thatcher uses ethos successfully in her eulogy because Americans can believe every single word that she says about

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