Eleanor Roosevelt Speech Analysis

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Eleanor Roosevelt, with her informal speech, the Adoption of the Declaration of Human Rights (1948), explains her opinion on the importance of the declaration and how we need to treat freedom has a right not a privilege. Eleanor supports her speech by using euphemism, apostrophe, and anadiplosis. Eleanor's purpose for the speech is to address the United Nations about human rights and its importance in the world. She formally addresses this speech to the United Nations, World War II victims, and all victims in the world. Eleanor was born October 11, 1884 has Anna Eleanor Roosevelt in New York, New York. She had a unhappy childhood with both of her parents dying and one of her brothers. Eleanor eventually moved to the U.S and married her…show more content…
People remember this has a great speech because what she represents in this speech is hope, gratefulness, and guidance. Also the rhetorical devices she uses makes the speech that much more personal. Her use of an apostrophe or using an imaginary person was a great addition to the speech. She stats “ where after all do universal human rights begin? In a small places, close to home, so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world of the individual person; the individual person; the neighborhood he lives in; the school or college he attends”(adoption). The use of he is the apostrophe in her speech, it catches the audience's attention with the repetition of he. I noticed that when she speaks her tone is warm and she speaks with somewhat of a rhythm, which can catch people's attention. She puts her opinions in the speech, she is passionate, and outspoken when it comes to human rights, and freedom. She stats in her speech “ I feel bound to say that I think perhaps it is somewhat of an imposition on this Assembly to have these amendments offered again here, and I am confident that they will be rejected without debate”(adoption). She also uses euphemism to express her feelings towards people who are lazy and need to use here freedom wisley. Euphemism usually expresses an indirect expression towards someone or something that can be considered harsh or unpleasant. Eleanor puts out there that the soviet union has tried to fight to get amendments, and later the same amendments were brought up but were rejected. She implies that the U.S admire those who fight for their convictions, if the majority is against sometimes you gotta try to cooperate with the majority. This is why she was bound to say what she said about the assembly having a impostion. To conclude her speech she leaves the audience with good thoughts on how we have courage to move on and have the
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