How Did Eleanor Roosevelt Deserve The Commemorative Stamp

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Genesis Calderon
Coach Fox
English III - 7
1 March 2015
Eleanor Roosevelt
In this nation's history there, have been many remarkable human beings come and show society something incredible, something beneficial , or just something to have hope for in the future. Eleanor Roosevelt was one of those people. The former first lady did everything for the people. She is someone to look at as a role model. Eleanor Roosevelt deserves the commemorative stamp because of her contributions to mankind by helping woman , the youth , and other citizens who weren't well taken care of by the government.
Eleanor as a strong intelligent woman believed every woman should have equal opportunities and rights as men. She also worked in the International Congress
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Eleanor toured throughout the United States hearing the people out and making note of the things she as First Lady need to help them with. One of the groups helped by Eleanor was the African Americans who she fought in many ways to obtain equality for. One of the ways she fought for African American equality was with WWII legislation. Other group Eleanor helped was the one of artist, writers, musicians, and actors that she saw weren’t getting paid enough for their talent. Eleanor cared about all the people and even road tripped through Great Britain, Australia, South Pacific, and Army camps in the United States during WWII boosting troops…show more content…
Eleanor was a U.S. delegate for the United Nations Human Rights committee, Advisor to the Peace Corps, and even a Chairman of the Presidents Commission of Human Rights. Eleanor was seen as more than the United States First Lady but the “ First Lady of The World” as said in the article by Contemporary Authors Online. Also by that article she’s been awarded the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Brotherhood award, the Four Freedoms award, the Highest Honor of National Society for Crippled Children and Adults. In conclusion and addition to her awards Eleanor Roosevelt should be awarded the Commemorative Stamp for her contributions to mankind in helping all citizens and people of the
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