Eleanor Roosevelt Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Annotated Bibliography #3 Source A: "Eleanor Roosevelt." UXL Biographies. Detroit: UXL, 2003. Student Resources in Context. Web. 4 Feb. 2016. “When she returned to New York City at age seventeen, Roosevelt refused to take part in the activities of high society. Instead, she chose to work toward social reforms. She taught dancing and literature at community centers and visited needy children in the slums. Through her work, she gained an intimate knowledge of how the poor actually lived” Her own kind of muckraker, Eleanor Roosevelt was an incredible humanitarian during the Industrial Revolution. THe First Lady would be an advocate for the underprivileged her whole life, even though her rich family put her in the opposite category. During …show more content…

One reason why Franklin Delano Roosevelt is so beloved is because of his fights for rights, some of which he would not have known were in danger if it weren’t for his wife and “legs” Eleanor. The First Lady acted as sort of a P.I. for Franklin; however, one can be certain that she would have completed as much humanitarian work with or without Franklin’s guidance. One could even argue that she took up an even more active role in politics and society after he died, with her involvement in the U.N. as evidence. Whatever your opinions may be, it’s clear to see that Eleanor Roosevelt was quite the champion for the underdog. The First Lady’s achievements in the National Youth Administration show how she cared for every group of people, no matter their age, gender, or race. Eleanor Roosevelt took on a matriarchal role to the young people working and attending school thanks to the NYA. Though she did not know them personally, she looked after and took care of America’s youth as they were her own children. Her efforts to improve this generation would certainly pay off in the war of the following decade: World War Two. These adolescents grew into the nation’s soldiers, sailors, nurses, and commanders. The more education and experience this population received before fighting overseas the better. Mrs. Roosevelt took the initiative in founding this New Deal program; therefore, she deserves partial credit for the New Deal and its impacts. Eleanor Roosevelt utilized her power as first lady unlike anyone with that title had ever done before. She championed minority groups and cared when it seemed like nobody did. Her efforts to better the world she lived in through her activism will continue to outlive her, hopefully never to be

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