Impact Of A Woman On The $ 10 Bill

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Should a woman be put on the $10 bill? “A Woman on the $10 Bill”, “The Final Four”, and “More Woman on U.S. currency?” are sources that will be used to formulate this essay. The United States Treasury Department Secretary is thinking about redesigning the $10 bill by replacing Alexander Hamilton’s bust portrait with a woman’s. If a woman’s portrait is to be put on the bill it would mark the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment. Eleanor Roosevelt should be the woman on the $10 bill, because of her impact on the society as an activist and as a U.N. delegate.
When Eleanor Roosevelt was known as the First Lady it drastically changed her life as a woman. “She took a leading activist role; she addressed the needs of woman, children, laborers, and the minority groups” (Source 2, Para. 11). After her husband’s polio attack she started to help him with his political career as president. Eleanor showed the world that being a first lady doesn’t mean you have to be in the darkness, it means that you have to stand up for what you believe. In having an activist role in society and having the role as First Lady, she was the first person to …show more content…

She then became an U.N. delegate of human rights” (Source 2, Para. 11). Roosevelt served as a delegate for almost 8 years. Prior to her role as Chair, she created a law that helped everyone’s rights; this law was called the Declaration of Human Rights. This Declaration declares that everyone (whether if you were a man or a women) that you have rights like everyone else in America. As a result of her hard work as a delegate, many people have rights even under the Bill of Rights and even under the Declaration of Human Rights. Many people may think that these points referenced are lame, for someone or women to be eligible to be put on a U.S currency, but others may think that it would be appropriate to have the right points to put someone on the U.S.

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