Eleanor Roosevelt And Nelson Mandela Comparison

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Dev Patel
Mrs. Reimel - 5/6 LA
Compare and Contrast Essay
There are many similarities and differences between Eleanor Roosevelt and Nelson Mandela's approach for overcoming their challenges. Eleanor Roosevelt overcame her challenge of insecurity by facing her fears. Nelson Mandela overcame his challenge of apartheid by demonstrating courage and bravery. Although Eleanor Roosevelt and Nelson Mandela had different difficulties, they both faced their fears in order to do what they believe in.
Eleanor Roosevelt overcame insecurity by facing her fears and performing helpful tasks for many people. In the text, it states, "People teased her about her looks and called her the "ugly duckling"…" (Pg.89) This illustrates her insecurity of …show more content…

They faced different challenges, but had a similar approach. Firstly, Eleanor Roosevelt's challenge was her insecurity. According to the text, "Eleanor worked in the charity kitchens, ladling out soup. She visited slums. She crisscrossed the country learning about the suffering of coal miners, shipyard workers, migrant farm workers, students, housewives—".(Pg.92) This shows that in order to overcome her challenge, she started to care and help for others.She faced her fear of her appearance and the difficulties of her childhood and didn’t let that affect her again. Similarly, Nelson Mandela faced his fears as well as determination in order to overcome his challenge. In the text, it says, "When I walked out of prison, that was my mission, to liberate the oppressed and the oppressor". (Pg.734) This shows that Mandela not only wanted freedom for blacks, but he also wanted freedom for everyone. Also, he had to face society. He got in prison because he fought for the blacks. Even though he got out of prison, he still wants to free blacks. This shows his determination and dedication towards freedom. To connect back, Roosevelt and Mandela faced their fears in order to overcome their challenges. In addition, they made a huge impact towards the world and their individual lives. To sum up, Mandela and Roosevelt had many similarities such as facing their fears in order to achieve their …show more content…

They had different challenges and perspectives, but their approach was similar. Eleanor overcame her insecurities by facing her fear of other people. Now, she helps other people. In the same way, Mandela overcame apartheid through facing his fears. He had determination and dedication towards blacks. To add on, Eleanor Roosevelt and Nelson Mandela made a positive impact towards different people, but they both helped improve the entire world in some way. Mandela freed blacks, allowing them to gain rights and ability to the treated equally. As a result, the blacks had a decent shot at life. In the same way, Eleanor helped many people just to overcome her challenge. As a result, many people could improve their lives. Eleanor Roosevelt and Nelson Mandela conquered their challenges as well as the sufferings of many people, making the world a better place to be

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