Comparing Douglass 'And The Negro Speaks The River'

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One thing I would like to compare about these two very inspirational African Americans would be there sense of genuineness. Jesse Jackson talks about in his speech how he does not care who you are, what color you are, or who you love. He wanted to just help the people in need. He wanted to help the poor, the gays, and the colored. He wanted peace, and for people to all have insurance, while not being treated differently for not making as much money, being colored, or being gay. Frederick Douglass wanted equality as well. If, living during the time Jesse Jackson’s speech was given he would, without a doubt in my mind be fighting for the same rights. During Fredericks time it was slavery was the big picture, so we do not know what his thoughts on these other issues would of been. I feel like in Langston Hughes poem “ The Negro Speaks of the River” is very deep, I see the similarities to Douglass in the sense of Douglass's songs his people would sing while working in the fields. In Hughes poems his meaningful of the rivers back in Africa, how to he remembers them, is like when they sing there songs. It is to make sure the culture is pasted down and not forgotten by the people who did …show more content…

I feel that Douglass also felt this way, he was writing for the white. He was writing to let them know about the pain, but also to make sure that the white people knew he got out okay. That is what Morrison said when he was talking about how many copies was sold, do you think they were bought by black people? No these slavery books were bought by white people. Douglass as Mrs. Russell said in the Discussion, chapter 11 in his Novel was written to assure he made it. That is what people like to hear, people do not like stories without happy ending. I feel that especially when it comes to something their own race did to another, we need to know they came out

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