Comparing The Works Of Martin Luther King And Nelson Mandela

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The African Nelson Mandela and the American Martin Luther King are important and influential heroes who made the world better somehow, in terms to fight for black people rights in their country. According to (, a hero is defined as “ the man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities”. Certainly, both heroes had the courage to sacrifice for black people with extreme power to resist the racism in the past using various ways. It is clear that the two heroes met their ambitions, but Mandela made bigger change worldwide and he was inspirational leader with severe willingness to fight for justice.

Nelson Mandela and Martin King lived many similar situations which led to their great effort. Commonly, in the past, South Africa’s issues was based on the bad relationship between black and white people were the black people’s rights are completely oppressed. During apartheid, the government divided people into four racial groups and moved some of them, so the system was used to deny the black people rights and needs. For instance, non-white people must carry a special permission paper to give them the ability to work and live in specific areas, also people from different color cannot marry each other or even own a land in some areas which it was owned by white people. As the intolerant situation was spread in South Africa against black Africans, black people of the U.S.A in the 1960s faced the same cases. African Americans

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