Personal Narrative: My Experience In AP World History

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Blues burst from the shadows of the buildings, contrasting with the vermillion glow from the nearby windows, while sickly greens still lurked in the curtains, illuminating his whole being. Clinging to the curtain in the middles of the chaos, he looks toward his apartment, not in fear, but in euphoria. I first saw Conrad Felixmüller’s Death of the Poet Walter Rheiner near the end of my sophomore year of high school. The past year and a half had been hard for me. Freshman year I struggled in AP World History. Despite the many hours I worked on the class, I still could only get C’s on the tests. I spent most of my free time correcting my quizzes and rewriting notes from the class. I was struggling- so much that I let my other classes slip away. At home, I would fight with my mother about my grades. She would yell at me saying, “Your brothers could always get As! What are you doing wrong?” I was frustrated, still the girl getting B’s while my other siblings got A’s. The stress was starting to build for me. The pressure built to a head when I had a group project for the class. I chose to work with one of my closest friends. Despite trying to divide the responsibilities, our project quickly spiraled out of control as we could not find time to work together. In the…show more content…
As an incoming Junior, I was able to join a lab of graduate students who were researching brain development in drosophila after mutating its DNA sequence. Right away I was enthralled. I loved the endless possibilities that came with experimentation, even when though our results were inconclusive. My experience in the program also taught me to think independently as I was separated from my peers. The lessons I learned from the program have helped me guide my expectations for my future goals. It has taught me that I have the potential to do amazing things with
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