Personal Narrative: What Made Me The Literate Person I Am Today

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What made me the literate person I am today consists of 3 events from my childhood. To start off my reading career, the summer before 4th grade I stayed the night with my grandma. She was my best friend and introduced me to a lot of things, including Mid-Continent Library. The next morning we went to the Burr Oak Woods off 7 highway and had an awesome time! Afterwards we stopped at the library just down the street, I picked out 2 books a magazine and most importantly a movie. At the time I never knew a library would have those types of things so I was pleased. Instead of just using her Mid-Continent Library card to check out everything I had chosen she let me setup my very own! That was so exciting for me, I felt like a grownup, I even bought …show more content…

Jones! Just that name/title brings back so many memories, I recall once my friends and I were in the library waiting to be released from the line to pick out books. The entire time we were in line, we were bickering about who would get which Junie B. Jones book! I cannot think of another time when I had been that excited about a book in forever. That series of books have been so much fun to read always had someone new and crazy going on, reading was much easier for me during those books because I was so interested and locked in. This book had me looking forward to, library day more than gym day, I never would’ve chosen that over gym if it wasn’t for that series of books. Eventually I began to read the Mark Twain books so I could go to the cool party with all the library lady’s. I never actually got far enough to go to the party, but I did advance in my reading because of those books, which they all weren’t “my type” of books. I learned to give every book a good chance before ruling it out, because it’s true you can’t judge a book by its cover. A few other ways Junie B. Jones has affected my reading is by making me realize reading isn’t as bad as some may make it

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