A Brief Review Of The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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As a child, I was very interested in books. If you saw me it was safe to assume that I had a book with me. I attribute my love of reading to my grandparents, who have encouraged and supported my reading habit since I was a child. If I even hinted that I wanted to read a certain book they would get it for me. Avid readers their selves, they recognized the impact literature can have on one’s life. It wasn’t until 2013, the summer before I started high school, that I truly discovered how much literature can impact your life, views, and feelings. The novel the Glass castle by Jeannette Walls taught me about empathy, hard work, and family. The day my grandmother presented me with a little white book, titled the glass castle I had no interest in reading it. It was different than the books I usually read, it wasn’t a fiction book it was a memoir. This turned me off from the book, thinking it would a boring historical novel. Finally, after some convincing from my grandmother I decided to give the book a chance. The book is narrated by a young Jeanette Walls, Showing the raw truth of her childhood. Raised in an unconventional, borderline abusive family, they traveled all over the United States never fully settling anywhere. Although the Walls family does have some good memories…show more content…
I began to think about the impact my decisions had on the people in my life and realized that I could learn a few lessons from Jeanette. Jeanette puts her siblings first, knowing how they felt about their parents and does her best to provide for them while she is living at home. She also works hard and never gives up on her dreams. Finally, maybe the most important lesson from Jeanette is about family. Despite all the things Jeanette’s parents put her through she finds it in her heart to forgive and welcome them back into her
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