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Hello teachers and parents, I am Angela and this year I am in 7th grade. Thank you all for coming to my student led conference. I have put a lot of time in my conference and I am happy that I get to present my work and reflection as a student. My three subjects in my student led conference today are Science, Language Arts and Mandarin. Hope you enjoy.


In Science we learned for our first unit, relationship, in how plants and animals relate to plants and other animals. After we learned about ‘Photosyntheses’ and ‘The trophic level’ our teacher, Mr. Haag, thought to assess our learning to have a little quiz.

I think I did pretty well on this assignment because I got a good grade (20/24). My second reason is because I learned a lot by this unit. I learned about the environment and also new vocabulary that I will use in the future in essays and formal writing.

If I had to redo this assignment, I would study more because even if I got a good grade I could improve the score. On the test, I knew most of the stuff accept that I flipped flopped one of the matching definitions.

On this assignment I learnt all the vocabulary that is used in Science. Like what a trophic level is (How much energy goes on to the animal that eats another animal) and refreshed my memory on herbivores, carnivores and much more.

I chose this assignment because I learnt a lot from this assignment. It learnt about the trophic level, food chains, types of
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