My Immigrant Short Story

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Hi Mrs. Choy, In respond to your questions, I must say I may have the generic immigrant story for you to read. Although I hate to admit such story, that 's how I was raised and am quite thankful, for I can look at the world at a wider spectrum. Also, I cannot see myself reply plainly to the questions and wrote you a somewhat detailed description of myself. Leaving Viet Nam near the end of 2009, I missed some school and fell behind the competitive Viet Nam education since the system in the U.S. is two degrees lower. Feeling compressed inside, I had no friends or connections to the home country at the time, and eventually I fell into depression. While denying the truth because the symptoms were not severe, I continuously convince myself to become …show more content…

Nine months ago, I decided to break free to the bounding brace I tie myself with and began learning to take risks. Battling out of the comfort zone, I faced many personal hardships, which is also the time I visited you asking for bits of advice I should make for the future since I am a person who cannot live on without a 20 years plan. These last few months were the best months of life so far. I still experience slight depression, but I learned to read more motivational quotes and organized lists of life hacks on the internet to distract me from the negative thought I have towards people and bring me to life every day. While working on the progress of teaching myself to take risks, I learned to be more selfish, for I have never taken care of my mentality or my appearance instead I worry for other people. With these five paragraphs for you, I 've never told these secrets to anyone on this Earth not even to my parents. I hope you can understand this unhappy childhood I have that shaped me to become a much more independent person I am right now. I hope you can recommend me to my dream school, where I can express myself and gather enough knowledge to help the rest of the world out of poverty level and prevent any children from experience

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