Ny Cobia Morgan Character Analysis

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The life I’ve been living is full of predicaments and inconsiderate people . I try so hard to be obedient , because I’m auspicious . Lately , being humble and self reliant is the only choice I’ve had . Ny Cobia Morgan has been the only female I could vent too . We been by each other’s sides since we were little girls playing on the sidewalk at the projects , Now she had grown up to be very beneficent and sedulous . It 's good to know you’ll always have somebody intimated to you .
What I like about My Cobia is she’s very determined . She started out early working make her own dough . Now , she owns her own vehicle and is finishing up her last year of High School . She motivates me to stay away from but speak to domineering and negative people . Cobi has a judicious and trustworthy character . This is why I’m demanding to change my …show more content…

These past few months have showed me who 's for and against me . She has told me not to stress the mistakes , I’ve made in the past because that cannot stop me from having a bright and triumphant future . Her wise saying of encouragement has stuck with me throughout this challenging road to success .
Since , I’ve been communicating and having long influencing lectures , I’m starting to see a little change . I know adapting to be a new person takes time and can 't come over night . I don 't entertain immature or people who do things out of spite . Cobi has gotten me back where I need to be in life, focusing on school and my grades , I used to care about what people had to say about me . Now, I’ve realized people are going to talk down on you if your doing good or bad .
We have to halt at a point in life , even if it’s been nothing but bad to us . It’s your choice about how you want to live your life, with the exeptions of how others live theirs . A role model should be the person you thank one day when you’ve reached success

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