The Glass Castle Jeanette Character Analysis

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As we still have yet to fathom what my brother and I will become, I learn to understand the extraordinary sacrifices you and Dad have made to make sure that both me and my brother will succeed in a new world. Over the summer as I read the Glass Castle ,I realized how important determination truly was. Although you have faced hardships such as the death of both your parents, Jeanette, the author of the memoir, had a father who disappeared and a mother who lacked decency to feed her kids. Even though your parents were efficacious unlike Jeanette’s, you two were both determined to take control of your future. With a strong sense of determination to get out of dilapidated West Virginia like you had to from Greece, Jeanette states that, “I was …show more content…

Despite the entropic nature of Jeanette’s parents , you have always said that something extraordinary has had to start with passion, or as you would say, the further up you go, the longer it’s going to take you to fall down. With what seems to be nothing as a safety net for Jeanette in an exsanguinous family, I wonder how you were able to start a new life with no family outside of my brother and I. As you had to completely start your life over again, I understand the struggle of being too independent, or secluded. However, without you, my brother and I would both be struggling without a wind pushing us towards success. Even though you sometimes drive both me and my brother crazy, you are the fire that warms us up when we need heat. Just like Rex, you have also never stopped believing in us. When both me and my brother need inspiration like Jeanette, you are there for us and like when Jeanettee remembered Rex, “A wind picked up, rattling the windows, and the candle flames suddenly shifted.” p.288 In conclusion, as Rex symbolized the wind that moves the flame or light in a new direction, you are also the wind that challenges our light to move in a new

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