Martin Luther King Jr Research Paper

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Life is full of events and experiences to share. I could talk about my experience being a Hispanic American growing up in Los Angeles. I could talk about my dad transforming me as a 1st grader from an average student to one who wants to succeed in everything he does and as much as he can. I can even talk about my failure at driving a car in the beginning which led to instilling confidence in me going into the unknown. Stories are great and entertaining, but everyone has one. Chances are you’ve read hundreds of personal stories yourself and have probably heard it all. My past and background have shaped who I am as an individual, but what’s more important is what I do now and in the future. There’s a lot that can be done to make the world a better place, and I intend on using my future to accomplish this. …show more content…

left a legacy in the United States. As an African American, he faced an extreme amount of prejudice against him with racism in America at arguably its worst. If he were still alive today, he’d probably have many stories to tell about his experiences and what shaped him. However, we don’t remember Martin Luther King Jr. for his stories, we remember him for the actions he took for civil rights. We remember him for his peaceful protests and his powerful “I Have a Dream” speech. His ideas about what the world should be like are still with us today, such as the idea of not judging someone “by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”. Look at famous people like King and you’ll see how they’ve left their mark in the world. They changed the world, and it would be incredible if I could do the

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