Reflective Essay: Improving My Writing Process

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At the beginning of the school semester I did not think I was going to learn anything new or improve any part of my writing process. I assumed it was just going to be another class for me to drudge through as part of my degree program requirements. I soon discovered there is more involved in creating a well written paper than just putting words in print. Initially I was both surprised and disappointed in myself for turning in the Process Analysis Essay with a misspelled word in it. Furthermore, during the instructor’s critique of my essay, Ms. Flynn stated the paper “Needs more focus on a particular audience”, and more audience engagement. Throughout this ENG 101 class I believe I have consistently improved my writing by using a refined process of outlining what I want to write about, properly identifying my intended audience, and continually …show more content…

With the assistance of classroom instruction, and practical application I have refined my writing process. In the first graded essay, I learned my paper was not written to capture a specific audience as I intended it to. Applying what I learned after the review, and practice of critical thinking helped me create a map of what I wanted to write about. I asked myself questions to help me clearly identify the audience that I planned to address, and outline the main points. Another observation I made after reviewing my graded essays was the lack of use, or placement of keywords throughout the paper. While I supported the points in the paper some of the words used lacked definition making the sentence sound a little awkward. Additionally, the common error that requires constant diligence from me when reviewing my papers is the comma splice. There has been at least one comma splice error in every paper I have written this semester. The errors are subsequently fewer per paper, but I still need to continue to work on grammar and

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