My Educational Experience Analysis

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English Composition I has truly been a tremendous educational experience for me. At first, I did not want to take the class, but the counselor persistently suggested that I take the class. I wanted to take English 4, but the counselor believed in me and continued asking me to take the class. Before I knew it, I had signed up for the class. When I first began my journey in English Comp. I, I set a main goal of learning how to properly write essays for college. Even though each essay had its ups and downs, as a student, my experiences with all four essays have shown me the writer I truly am. My first essay was an ad analysis. In this essay I had to choose and observe a persuasive ad and explain how the company is attempting to sell a particular product in the ad. While studying my ad, I learned of many factors the ad contains such as the motivations of the company, what the company does to sell their product, and how the company is attempting to sell their product. I had to do cautious studying and observation. When I received my grade for my final draft, I noticed the numerous errors my essay contained. I knew I had to improve, so I began to study my errors in “The Little, Brown Handbook.” I had many weaknesses such a …show more content…

In the essay I had to choose an argument among worldwide societies. I chose an argument between to groups claiming if violent video games do or do not cause aggressive behavior. I decide to join the side claiming that violent video games do not cause aggressive behavior. While I was researching for my rough draft, I learned an exceedingly amount on how far individuals went to prove his or her facts or opinions. I was not surprised by my final grade when I received it. Yet again, my essay contained similar errors from the other essays. My lengthy body paragraphs were my biggest weakness, and I feel that my essay contained no strengths. Again, I learned to be careful with accuracy and to be more

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