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Before taking writing skills two I 've had a positive mindset towards writing because I see it as a way to express my thoughts. For example, whenever I feel a bit melancholy writing a short story or just free writing always makes me feel a bit better. On the other hand, I don’t believe I’m the best writer because like every other student I make mistakes in my writing. Although, I don’t take the editing negatively I always look back at my past essay and try to reflect on them to see how I can always improve my writing skills. Overall, I have a pretty good mindset towards writing even though I have my mistakes I know if I study harder I can become a better writer over time. Being a part of this course has helped me improve my writing in different areas such as my grammar, editing, and planning. Being that, when I got back my teacher 's essay edited the first thing I noticed was all my grammar and my paragraph structure were all off. As a result, after I turn my essays in I always review my paragraphs and sometimes I even ask my friends to read over my essays to see if I need to improve either my paragraph structure, thesis or conclusion. Another, way I tried to improve my grammar, editing skills, and planning is …show more content…

While I did learn some good ways to plan out my essay like for example free writing, and outlining I still feel as if they don’t work well for me. Although I have trouble getting my essays started, I still learn other ways to plan my essays from chapters in Building Writing Skills The Hands - On way textbook and also The Mindtap online homework. For example, I 've gotten many ideas like rain dropping, a simple list, and using a web. Overall, I’ve had an easier time typing writing my essays without having any problems with the new skills I learned from the book and online

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