Traci's Reassessment

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Introduction Throughout the treatment process, it is vitally important that the therapist work with the client on the reassessment of treatment goals. There are numerous reasons for reassessment to occur; the chief reason is that client’s needs continuously change. The goal, objective, situation, all could have changed drastically since the start. For instance, if the client was hospitalized within the year, reassessment to examine what the effect that situation caused and the clients functioning, is needed. There may be new problems, new goals, or new interventions needed. Reassessment also allows for empowerment and the opportunity to reexamine the client’s situation with a fresh lens (The Reassessment, n.d.). Throughout this paper, this …show more content…

The information discusses that Traci was seen alone by the therapist and reported that her teenage stepsisters are always dieting and exercising. Traci also reported that sometimes her stepsisters call her “chubby” and tease her. Traci reports wanting to be “popular and pretty” like them when she starts high school. Upon Traci’s discussion regarding her nightmares, Traci reports that there is a “lot of yelling” in her nightmares and it wakes her. Traci also reports that when she stays with her father, him and his wife fight and yell a lot, and sometimes even throw things at one another. Traci reports that though her father and stepmom are nice to her, she reports being afraid to go there sometimes due to …show more content…

This writer feels that the goals of helping Traci restore normal eating patterns, healthy weight maintenance, and a realistic appraisal of body size are still appropriate. The goal of developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships that lead to alleviation and help prevent low self-esteem (both image wise and in relationships with others) as well as, developing coping strategies to address emotional issues that Traci may be experiencing are still valid goals as well (Jongsma, Peterson, McInnis, & Bruce,

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