Review Of Moira Farr's A Cell Of Our Own Making

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The non-fiction reading called “A Cell of Our Own Making” by Moira Farr concentrated on cellphones and their importance in people’s daily life. The author goes in detail on how cellphones are given more importance and how far we has a society dependent on cellphone. The reading states that “It was now standard to ask student to turn off their cellphones before class, they ring anyways and one of student asked the teacher to leave the class just so he can answer the phone (Farr, 6)”. Farr states student consider cellphone more of an emergency then an actual emergency. The author tells us how people are too invested in their cellphones and how they would prefer talking on the cellphone over in person communication. In my opinion the author wrote …show more content…

The reading has been clearly characterized and Moira supports his ideas clearly throughout the text.. In my opinion, I agree with what the author’s point of view because I think with development of new technology we will not look at life as the same we use to look at life in the past. I disagree with some of the point the author has use in the article. The reading states “The world now seems divided between those who understand that the human voice carries more loudly when on phone than in live conversation …” (Farr, 5). This is the only part I disagree with throughout the reading because I believe cellphones can play an important role in improving overall communication. Cellphone can be a outstanding way of getting to know people and also helps us adept to new changes. Cellphones can help us make new friends and allow us to meet new people due to varies ways of communicating with them. I strongly agree with the point where the author’s states how student can’t stay away from their phones because their life's are so dependent on technology and how they will always find a way make up different reason to stay on their

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