Summary Of Franzen's Liking Is For Cowards

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Franzen’s article Liking Is for Cowards, go for what hurt, compares the concept of love with techno-consumerism. It argues on how the grit of love is still better than the perfection of an elegant piece of technology which is also referred to as the perfect erotic relationship. The piece’s primary purpose is to make people understand the contrast between consumer related technology and real life and how this techno consumer relationship allows its user to control pretty much everything giving people a false sense of power while what love gives us is grit but it helps us become a better personas proven in the bird anecdote given by franzen. I agree with franzen in entirety and believe that the new tech-consumer world has us “working in jobs we don’t want to do to pay for the things we do not need”.

The writer uses several compelling anecdotes to put forward his points and appears to be quite humorous while hiding the truth behind a veil of sarcasm. He also …show more content…

According to me he does in fact put forward his points quite efficiently and I will try to do the same. He talks about a emotional aspect of life and in relates it to technology in comparing love to liking. People often run from love because of the risks and hurt associated with it. This has been capitalized by the the tech-consumer market . The market offers people the perfect relationship with their phone or laptop. They come with a galore of features and offer so much without asking anything in return. The plethora of security features ensures the user they can never be betrayed by their device. Even though they might have been betrayed by someone they love. Some would say this “unconditional love” is the edge a tech relationship and liking have over love . I would like to counter this with a another kind of love. Can this fake kind of tech-consumer like even compare the love a mother has for her

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