Nicholas Carr The Shallows Analysis

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How does technology take a toll on our minds through the increase of information from media? How does this affect the way we live our everyday lives? Nicholas Carr the writer of The shallows says that he thinks the internet is affecting the way our minds work, and it does in fact affect our everyday life. Throughout his book he uses personal experiences in other studies people have done in the past to support his argument. One of his personal experiences with how the Internet affects us is shown in chapter 1 “ I now have almost totally lost the ability to read and absorb a longish article on the web or in print.”Carr, (7). This gives a personal experience of someone who is personally affected by the Internet changing the way he thinks and lives his life. Throughout this chapter he gives many more examples of how the Internet is affecting his reading ability and comprehension. …show more content…

This gives evidence that the Internet does have a very large impact on the people today in the future generations to come. The impact of technology isn’t all bad it can help with keeping your mind sharp as stated in chapter 7 “ engages so many brain functions, may help keep older people's mind sharp.” Carr, (116) With this information we know the Internet can do good but keeping him on sharp in our old age. This affects the way we move our everyday lives by using the correct tools of technology to our advantage, and learning to sculpt our minds in a good

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