Summary Of Is Google Making USupid

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In The Atlantic “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr notifies us on the ways that technology is effecting our brains in a negative way. This article starts off by talking about the internet and how it is and can be the source for almost anything. That being said, we are becoming defenseless on technology in things like work, reading, and writing. This article demands that this technology is a very big disturbance in our lives. We practically live off of this technology and commonly this media has to live up to the expectations, which us, as the audience have everything handed to us. So you can say that this technology is like a shortcut to many of us. We as the users, are becoming to get used to being able to access information faster …show more content…

This made me scared for what will come in the future, if this technology keeps increasing. This piece made me realize how much technology is really a distraction to us. The internet has made it hard for me to stay focused when reading things and things that we can’t learn about quickly. My expectation of the internet is to find and receive information quickly and with little or no effort. So we try to find a way that we don’t have to do anything. So we as people using technology don’t want to read books, we tend to rely on the internet, like Google, to find our answers. If technology increases, the human brain will not be valued and we will not use our brains to its full potential. "The human brain is just an outdated computer that needs a faster processor and a bigger hard drive." (Carr) This will be thought that if something isn't fast enough, it can just be replaced with something faster and better. So in this case, we will stop using our brain and rely on Google to do all the thinking for us. Technology will be considered the best and what was once valued to be a brain in human being, will now be frowned upon. As the Internet becomes our main source of information, it is affecting our chances to read books. This process of rewiring our brains is the danger of crushing human experience even as it offers the benefits of knowledge

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