Argumentative Essay: Deaf Vs. Hearing

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Deaf vs Hearing Every day human beings interact with the world around them. Everyone is unique in how they interact. Most people on a daily basis will observe nature, smell nature, touch nature, taste nature, and hear nature. Only 94% of americans will use all five of their senses, 2.1% of Americans lack the ability to hear fully. Deaf people do not have the ability hearing people have of using every sense, instead they must find unique ways of living their everyday lives without the sense of hearing. American deaf and hearing individuals differ in various situations such as; how they alert themselves, how they communicate, and how they experience going to public venues. Waking up for most Americans may seem effortless and mundane. The alarm clock goes off with a loud ring to commence the day. Sometimes you press snooze a few times before finally getting out of bed to the sound of the last loud ring. Once you are awake and moving you are surrounded by objects that rely on your sense to hear. When your coffee is done brewing in the morning it beeps to remind you to get it before you hurriedly leave the house. A smoke detector sounds off a ring to tell you if something has…show more content…
By the early 1900s many americans had a phone inside their home and connecting with others seemed effortless. After the telephone was invented and established in many american households objects and services became more obtainable. In 1973 the first cell phones were created and many tasks became even simpler with the ability to carry a phone around. By 2002 the first smartphones were created and every service needed became only a click away. Household items could be fixed with ease with just one phone call to repairman. In emergencies most people will rely on their cell phones to call a family member, friend, or 9-1-1 for assistance. Phones have become a source of reliability for many to stay connected with the world around

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