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a. What is the research idea? a. This research will examine how being exposed to technology eg. Cellphones, tablets, and computers at a young age effect how children learn throughout a portion of their childhood. Beginning at infancy stage (2-3 months) to preschool age (2-5 years). b. What problem does the research address? a. Being that the technology age has come a long way in such a short time span. I noticed that little is known on how these devices are effecting in a good or bad way on children learning ability. I noticed that children as young as a few months old have the ability to work these devices as well as some adults. These children are capable of quickly finding what they are looking for in the hundreds of apps without verbally communicating with someone. c. What is the research question or hypothesis? a. My hypothesis is that children who are exposed or given the opportunity to use these devices or are exposed to these devices at a young age will have or obtain more knowledge than a child who are not. d. What sort of research design are you proposing? (e.g. correlational, descriptive observational, experimental, etc.) Give details so I know you understand the type of research design. a. The research design that seems best fit would be an experimental …show more content…

One threat could be parents taking the children out of the study before enough data is collected. I would make sure that the parents know this research is very important and that it is not doing any harm to their child. I would make sure that the parents are able to sit with their child and interact with them as they play on the devices if they feel the need to and to also calm their nerves. Another threat could be parents exposing the children who shouldn’t be using technology to it. Being that technology is everywhere and it’s becoming a norm for many homes to have more than one cell phone, tablet and computer it would be hard but it is possible to prevent the children from using the

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