Qualitative And Quantitative Research Methodology

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The term Research Methodology refers to a set of procedures, methods & techniques that are put together by the researchers to obtain a solution to the problems they confront during the collection of data. The researchers look for the most crucial data which is inevitable for the research. Generally there are three kinds of approaches or research methods namely Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed. These methods are used to gather data and resolve issues that emerge during the process of data gathering. The researcher can bring forward his findings either in the form of quantitative or qualitative or mixed research methodologies only when the data is collected based on the preliminary data gathering process and the secondary data gathering process.…show more content…
It is primarily a subject oriented approach. In other words, the applicability of methods is mostly focused on the subject. Using qualitative research methodology, the researcher strives to comprehend the broad spectrum. The focus is on analysing the large volumes of data in a scientific and empirical way. This analysis relies on a particular case study, journals, online surveys and others. Qualitative research method has been widely used to gather data on specific subjects. With in- depth analysis, this method helps the researcher to get greater insights on various phenomena. The major reason why it is usually preferred over other methods is that it not only examines the when, where and what of a decision making process but also the why and how. Debates, interviews and various other researches are the areas where this approach is commonly used. Depending on the requirement of the research, the data gets streamlined once the entire data is obtained and gathered. This method also refers to the major component of understanding the qualitative aspects of data that has been assimilated for analysis and can give a better understanding of the facts when analyzed…show more content…
As we use various aspects of both the methodologies, the mixed research methodology has several advantages. This methodology offers multiple ways to approach the problem faced by the researchers. Generalizing the qualitative data and analyzing the unexpected data that emerge out of the research are the key aspects of the Mixed Research Methodology. Since it infuses the qualitative and quantitative ways, data resources like case studies, articles, interviews and surveys are combined in mixed research methodology. Mixed Methodology preferred where researchers are capable to gather aspects including data research and assimilation. Apart from the advantages this method has a drawback that it’s time consuming. For it involves analysing the data where both approaches are variant and not related to each

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