Theories In Qualitative Research Theory

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3. QUALITATIVE RESEARCH THEORY 3.1 QUALITATIVE RESEARCH Qualitative research is a form of research in which the researcher collects and interprets data, meaning the researcher is as important in the research process as the participants and the data they provide. Reason and Rowan (2004) have argued that the core element of a qualitative research approach is to connect meanings to the experiences of respondents and their lives. According to Clissett (2008) qualitative research involves a variety of research methods that can be used to explore human experience, perceptions, motivations and behaviours. Qualitative research is characterised by collection and analysis of words in the form of speech or writing. Qualitative research therefore aims…show more content…
Sandelowski (1991) identified narrative research theory as one of the theories used in qualitative research. Reeves, Albert, Kuper, and Hodges (2008) also identified other theories such as: interactionism, critical theory, professionalization theory, labelling theory, and negotiated order theory. Although these are the only theories listed by the authors, there are various other theories used in qualitative research. 3.4 WHICH THEORY IS BEST FOR MY…show more content…
Narrative research theory is the study of how human beings experience the world, and narrative researchers compile these stories via in-depth interviews and write narratives about the experience (Gudmundsdottir, 2001). The data collected in narrative research can be qualitative, quantitative, or both. In my research proposal I mentioned in the methodology section that my study will be mostly qualitative in nature but in some cases there will be some quantitative data. I also mentioned that my research will be investigating the Hammonds Farm area, with the intention of investigating the impact of relocations on the livelihoods of beneficiaries that were relocated from Ocean-Drive to Hammonds Farm. Since the study I will be doing involves a case study, the narrative research theory seems the most logical direction as it corresponds with the purpose of my study. 3.4 HOW DOES THE THEORY REST ON EPISTEMOLOGY AND WHICH EPISTEMOLOGY IS MY THEORY BEST ALIGNED WITH? Narrative research theory involves the collection of data via interaction/interviews. The narrative theory data is sourced from an individual’s experience (story) and then interpreted by the researcher. The researcher comes to know about the phenomenon through interaction with the study subjects (Sandelowski, 1991). According to Yang (2011) narrative research theory is aligned with constructivism. Constructivism is built on the idea
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