Critique Of A Qualitative Study Paper

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Introduction A qualitative study focuses on natural settings that are associated in everyday life. Typically, qualitative researchers often do their study on smaller sample sizes as they are not looking to establish a statistical generalization in their findings. Qualitative research does not involve statistical measures or quantity of any kind, instead it is the study that involves lived human experiences. A lived human experience can be interpreted as gaining personal knowledge in everyday life by living through something or being involved in life events. The purpose of this paper is to analyze and critique the study if R.C. Stenhouse and his attempt to understand patient experiences in a acute psychiatric ward Statement of Phenomenon …show more content…

Stenhouse ' study is to examine the lived experience of a patient on a psychiatric ward and what their expectations were. For us to truly gain insight into patient experiences, it is imperative to get some patient perspective. The study goes on to showcase how the lack of nurse-patient relationships on the ward can lead to negative effects such as neglect and hopelessness. Such neglect from nurses resulted in patient to patient counselling. Where patients would seek comfort and consolation with each other. However, this too brought on negative affects, as it made patients vulnerable. The act of taking on other patients issues created immense stress for the patients, thus contributing to their already sensitive state. This is significant to psychiatric nursing because nurses will have relevant information to combat these negative effects and improve the quality of a patients being. The benefits of addressing this research problem to nurses are that the nurses will understand the importance of building a good rapport with a patient, thus improving their …show more content…

This meant that a change needed to be implemented within the facility, so that the nurses can do their job as caretakers. The study reported that the nurses had occupied themselves with the work of others, such as housekeeping and paper work. The patients who sought nurse-patient relationships argued that they did not have the time to sit and talk with them but they were too busy doing other hospital work. The findings also indicate that nurse need to be made aware of the patients expectations so they may deliver exceptional care. This can be achieved by interacting with the patients more and taking the time to understand them. Gaining insight into the patients perspective can provide a plan of how to treat the

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