How Does Technology Affect Children

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Thinking enables us to communicate and create. Thinking encompasses so many aspects within children. Observing, learning, remembering, questioning, are just a few aspects on how we think. In various sectors of the society, the government/ teachers, parents, etc. have an important role to play with technology. The prevalence of technology drastically affects many areas of society in positive ways, including education. Modern-day students not only have computers to help them with their schoolwork, they also use the Internet for research. Through new technology, we gain new cures for diseases, new healthy alternatives for eating, and new forms of communication. Technology has simplified our lives but has also harmed the lives of young children. The new technology has rapidly emerged children developmentally. The advancements of technology is growing faster then expected. We do not sit down and think of how this may influence children 's ability to think. Technology can be both beneficial as well as harmful. Furthermore, the influence of technology is affecting children within the way they think. Technology at a young age may not be as beneficial because children …show more content…

When being introduced to technology at such a young age, the creativity and the imagination a child may have will be limited as well as their sensory and motor development. In my perspective, technology is taking away certain skills that children should be grasping. For example, a lot of children may enter schools without the ability to pay attention in class for long periods of time. The attention span for children is deceasing due to the advances of technology. As we discussed in class, “the challenge in developing complex cognition is learning how to automate the non-recurrent skills. Technology should support learners to master the non-recurrent

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